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Sophia’s 4th Birthday

In each persons life there are paths. Everyone gets to choose which path he/she will take.  A path whether good or bad. Still a path to chose how they would like to live their lives. We have chosen the path of happiness. Chosen to not dwell on the negative that sometimes comes with life. There is no reason to be unhappy. There is no reason why we shouldn’t go after our dreams. Because we know how quickly life can change and all those moments can be taken from you instantly, we choose to live in the moment of life. Sophia has changed us completely!!! She has taught us to enjoy each and every moment, big and small. We are grateful to God for giving us Sophia. We are grateful to Sophia for teaching us and now protecting and watching over us.

We will always celebrate Sophia’s life. On Wednesday July 29,2015 we will challenge ourselves again and go rock climbing as a family. To choose to keep climbing up that wall together even when its hard. We will continue to push through.  We will also be releasing balloons to Sophia for her 4th birthday. Last year so many of you joined us in releasing balloons. We invite you to celebrate Sophia’s 4th birthday with us and release balloons again this year.


Thank you for your continued love, support and  prayers. This is what gets us through our toughest days. xoxo

Gabe, Lucinda and Giovanna


Hanging out at the zoo

What a beautiful day to spend at your favorite place….the zoo!!! The children’s zoo was fixed up and a very special visit by your favorite pig….Peppa!!!!  You would have loved visiting with Peppa!!  After we left the children’s zoo we had lunch. While cleaning up from lunch Giovanna said “mom that little girls name is Sophia ” it was comforting to me. Thanks for letting us know thank you are always with us and that you don’t miss anything that we do.  We love you too much.  


Balloon release for Sophia’s birthday

In one week is Sophia’s birthday. She would have been turning 3. Just 3. Just a baby. July 29 will be a very hard day for us. But instead of sitting around feeling sad we are going to celebrate. ( well the best we can) We are going to celebrate Sophia and the magical day that God sent us this little angel. Gabe, Giovanna and I will be doing something privately as a family. We ask that you refrain from reaching out to us on Tuesday. We appreciate all the love and prayers that you continuously send. You are all amazing. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives. If you would like to celebrate along with us we are asking that you release balloons to Sophia. Take pictures and post them to Facebook. It’s a way we can all celebrate Sophia’s birthday together. Thank you for respecting our privacy and celebrating with us all at the same time. Xoxoxo

Frozen in Time

Friends and Family

Yesterday Sophia’s Headstone was installed at Ballard Barrett Cemetery. After I received the call from Crown Memorial, I couldn’t wait to call Lucinda and have her go see it.  I was all of a sudden fill with mixed emotions but overall excited.  I desperately waited on the first images to arrive. As soon as the phone rang I gasped at the image in front of me.  There she was as close as I could get to her.

I want to thank all those that helped in creating this bit of Sophia for us and for you.

Sophia's Stone

With Sophia’s stone it would be nothing less then extraordinary. The sunflower on the stone is one of the sunflowers that we grew last summer together. That particular sunflower lasted until October before it wilted away. The butterflies on the stone are the ones that continued to visit the entire summer. Sophia was almost successful in capturing the butterfly but I intervened. The bubbles are the bubbles we blew during the summer and caught it on the camera. The pictures of Sophia was just Sophia being Sophia. She was happy and playful and lived each and every moment. With this stone we have frozen just a bit of time. Frozen Sophia’s time with us.

I can actually rest better now because of the stone. The cemetery won’t look so bare and empty, so minimal. Now the world can see what we saw everyday. An Angel right here on earth for just a little while. Now she watches over to protect and guide.

The Head Stone Guys, Crown Memorial, Ballard Barrett Cemetery

Can Team Sophia please stand up!

WOW!!!  A total of 89 participants representing “Team Sophia” at the WCS Run for the Wild 5K this year, raising a total of $3,560.  Making us the biggest team. We even received a few shout outs before both races began. You came out strong for us and we love you all for it.  Seeing all of our friends and family there was amazing.  We love how everyone was proudly displaying their tootsie roll pops in  their hair, hats, pockets, etc…We want to thank Christine Novak Micka for recommending the walk to us, Rosangela Servedio for recommending her brother Salvatore Travaglino who works for Metro Team Outfitters for creating the shirts.

I was actually able to complete the run in 33.27 with John’s help.  Only 3 short walks up hills but he kept me going.  Thanks brother!

Lucinda was surrounded by our friends and family who pushed through the course.

Everywhere you looked there was a Team Sophia shirt. Greg T from Z100 even stopped Christine Novak Micka’s cousin to ask about Team Sophia.

We had many virtual walkers in Florida…Thank you for all your love and support.

Running through the course brought back memories of Sept 16th. The last store we were in together as a complete family, The Gorilla exhibit where I took the last video of her….

All of you who supported us, took part in the run, listened to us recall memories of Sophia (probably repeating ourselves a hundred times), and allowed us to shed a tear (mostly me because Lucinda can hold her own in public), THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

If you are interested next year we are going to do it again. We are aiming for over 100 participants.

Just a note for Sophia

Tomorrow is the day that we have been planning for a couple of months. We are so excited to lead Team Sophia in a 5k run around the Bronx Zoo. Run for the wild. Our laces will be tied up. Our shirts will be worn proudly. Our hair will be accessorized with tootsie roll pops and our hearts will be filled with joy of knowing that you will be right there running along with all of us. You never did really walk. You were always running somewhere. We were always running after you. It would only make sense that we honor you by running in your favorite place for you!!!  After the race we will be sure to stop by and spend time with the gorillas and butterflies. When the gorilla sticks its tongue out at us we will know that is you with them just making us laugh. When a butterfly flints over to us we will know that is you stopping by to say hi. We are all honored to be apart of Team Sophia and this is a day to take time to remember you and all your silliness and craziness. This is a day for you Mommy’s girl.  We Lub you…. Let the races begin!!!!!!




Week of the Young Child

What a special way to celebrate children then to dedicate a whole week just for them. The Country Children’s Center does just that. They are an amazing daycare that gives so much love to the children and families that they work with every day. For 10 years I worked with them. What a wonderful family to be apart of.  Polly Peace the Executive  Director decided that she wanted to celebrate Sophia in a special way. They have dedicated a bench and beautiful plaque at their Watson Center in Memory of Sophia. The bench is set in the  gazebo where lots of children will sit and listen and tell stories. We are so blessed to be apart of The Country Children Center’s family. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. We are very touched. Giovanna cant wait to go back and read to the children at the Watson Center.




More than just a bank…

Most of the time you go to the bank. You withdrawal, deposit, open new accounts etc… you don’t usually get to know the people behind the desk. My dear friend Lori Perri told her friend Jayson about us. Jayson is the Branch Manager at Wells Fargo on High Ridge Rd in Stamford Ct. For the past three years Wells Fargo has made it a new tradition to donate a huge stuffed animal, their mascot. They have donated a this huge stuffed animal horse to Giovanna. They thought this would brighten her day. It brightened it all right. She was soooo excited!!! She loves her horse and has named it Lightning. We are very touched by this gesture. We feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.


“The Sophia Project”

Last night was such an amazing night. Gabe and I had dinner at Northern Westchester Hospital with the Emergency Room Staff and Dr. Pete and Dr. Nick, two of the greatest pediatricians. We hadn’t seen any of the E.R. staff since the morning Sophia passed away. We were definitely nervous and anxious to see everyone again. What would we say? what would we do? How can we thank everyone for trying their hardest to save our baby that dreadful morning. We walked into a room of welcoming arms and hugs and words of comfort and peace. We walked into the people that will now forever be apart of our family. For you see, Sophia has touched more lives than we can even imagine. She has brought us all together for a greater purpose. A purpose none of us thought we would be apart of.

The Hospital has come up with a “Sophia Project.” A project that will help so many on so many different levels. They have put in place a new training for the staff for pediatric emergencies. A training that takes place more often, with their own tools and equipment, with their own staff and in their own facility. To be prepared for anything and everything that walks through the doors of Northern Westchester Hospital.

As we talked to each person last night, we all had our stories to tell. We laughed and cried and prayed together. I told them that Sophia has taught us so many things. I feel in life she was a teacher. I used to brag to Gabe that she would one day be a doctor. She would pretend that she was Dr. Pete  and Dr. Nick. She would get her play stethoscope out and we had to be the patient. Sophia would listen to our hearts, look up our noses and look in our ears. She wanted to make you feel better. In the afterlife, I feel Sophia is that doctor that I always thought she would be. With this “Sophia project” she will be there with the hospital staff to make sure they are prepared for everything. That they have practiced every single scenario and every which way to figure things out. She will be there  every step of the way to help save the lives of other children.

We are still in awe of how Sophia has changed the world in just two short years here on earth. How she has changed us as her parents, how she has changed the way a hospital does their training to be able to save lives, and how she has changed you…the person reading this blog right now. You may not have even known Sophia or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got to meet and enjoy her lively spirit in person. But, she has changed you. We will all be connected through this tiny child that we are so very proud of. So very proud to called our Daughter. God trusted us with her and now we have put our trust and faith in him.

Special gift

Today we received mail from the Mahopac Public Library. Inside the envelope was a letter from the library stating that three wonderful families have made a donation in Sophia’s name and a paver will be placed in the children’s garden with the inscription of In Loving Memory Of Sophia Rivera. We would like to thank The Hernandez, Peikes and Borrero families. We truly love this and truly appreciate this special gift. Sophia loved the library and she loved hanging out in the children’s garden. Thank you xoxo