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Gifts from God

Sometimes in my quiet moments I receive messages from Sophia that don’t seem to make sense at the time or I think they mean one thing and it turns out to be something a little different.  Well a few months ago I kept hearing “gift from god” I knew it could only mean one thing. That of course Sophia was a Gift from God. That couldn’t be any more truer. A gift to teach us so many lessons in just a few short years. Lessons that even those that never met her will take with them for the rest of their lives. Lessons we will all pass along to others. 

Well tonight Giovanna and I were watching a movie where they were talking about the meaning of their names. This of course peaked her interest about our names.  We looked up Sophia and it said it was a biblical name which means wisdom. How intersting.  We looked up Giovanna which is an italian name which means gift from God. Those same exact words that I heard in my quiet moments from Sophia. It reminded me that my girls are amazing gifts from God. I  am so grateful for these two beautiful gifts that God could have ever given me. I am grateful for the lessons both my girls teach me.  I am grateful for God choosing me as their mom. 

Enjoy and treasure each moment with your families and friends.  Enjoy the little as well as the big moments. Enjoy those amazing gifts from God.