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Hanging out at the zoo

What a beautiful day to spend at your favorite place….the zoo!!! The children’s zoo was fixed up and a very special visit by your favorite pig….Peppa!!!!  You would have loved visiting with Peppa!!  After we left the children’s zoo we had lunch. While cleaning up from lunch Giovanna said “mom that little girls name is Sophia ” it was comforting to me. Thanks for letting us know thank you are always with us and that you don’t miss anything that we do.  We love you too much.  


Thank you for your support

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. We walk in memory of our sweet and sassy Sophia Alexandra. May you feel her spirit as you run and walk through the zoo. Her most favorite place to be. Raising money for her most favorite animal…the gorillas…we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and loving us. Thank you all for your very generous donations. We love you all just as much. We have close to 150 walkers/ runners which includes our vitural runners who weren’t able to make it to the zoo but will still walk with Team Sophia. We feel so very blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you again

Please post pictures on Facebook or email or text them to us as you walk through the zoo. We will post them to our blog and share them with the world.  Share a piece of Sophia. Share a piece of how she has touched each and everyone of us. And how she has changed and continue to change us and the world. 


Gabriel,Lucinda and Giovanna 



Can Team Sophia please stand up!

WOW!!!  A total of 89 participants representing “Team Sophia” at the WCS Run for the Wild 5K this year, raising a total of $3,560.  Making us the biggest team. We even received a few shout outs before both races began. You came out strong for us and we love you all for it.  Seeing all of our friends and family there was amazing.  We love how everyone was proudly displaying their tootsie roll pops in  their hair, hats, pockets, etc…We want to thank Christine Novak Micka for recommending the walk to us, Rosangela Servedio for recommending her brother Salvatore Travaglino who works for Metro Team Outfitters for creating the shirts.

I was actually able to complete the run in 33.27 with John’s help.  Only 3 short walks up hills but he kept me going.  Thanks brother!

Lucinda was surrounded by our friends and family who pushed through the course.

Everywhere you looked there was a Team Sophia shirt. Greg T from Z100 even stopped Christine Novak Micka’s cousin to ask about Team Sophia.

We had many virtual walkers in Florida…Thank you for all your love and support.

Running through the course brought back memories of Sept 16th. The last store we were in together as a complete family, The Gorilla exhibit where I took the last video of her….

All of you who supported us, took part in the run, listened to us recall memories of Sophia (probably repeating ourselves a hundred times), and allowed us to shed a tear (mostly me because Lucinda can hold her own in public), THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

If you are interested next year we are going to do it again. We are aiming for over 100 participants.

Just a note for Sophia

Tomorrow is the day that we have been planning for a couple of months. We are so excited to lead Team Sophia in a 5k run around the Bronx Zoo. Run for the wild. Our laces will be tied up. Our shirts will be worn proudly. Our hair will be accessorized with tootsie roll pops and our hearts will be filled with joy of knowing that you will be right there running along with all of us. You never did really walk. You were always running somewhere. We were always running after you. It would only make sense that we honor you by running in your favorite place for you!!!  After the race we will be sure to stop by and spend time with the gorillas and butterflies. When the gorilla sticks its tongue out at us we will know that is you with them just making us laugh. When a butterfly flints over to us we will know that is you stopping by to say hi. We are all honored to be apart of Team Sophia and this is a day to take time to remember you and all your silliness and craziness. This is a day for you Mommy’s girl.  We Lub you…. Let the races begin!!!!!!




Many Thanks

Dear Friends and Family,

During this extremely tough time in our lives so many of you have reached out to us in so many ways. We have received countless donations in our Sophia’s name to the zoo, children’s cancer fund, trees, pavers, gift cards  etc… just to name a few…..thank you all for thinking of us and celebrating Sophia. It means the world to us. Love and blessings go out to all of you. You are forever in our prayers.

To Donate in Honor of Sophia Alexandra Rivera

Lucinda and I wanted to wait for the cause before we directed where we would like to donate.  We appreciate your patience and we now have that answer. We thought back on what things Sophia loved to do and we realized that going to the zoo was one of her top things.  Especially the Butterfly and Gorilla exhibits at the Bronx Zoo. She enjoyed this a lot. As a matter of fact, we visited the zoo (Gorilla exhibit) the day before her passing.  We have contacted the Bronx Zoo and they have directed us to their donation section.  They will track all the donations made in Sophia’s name and direct the funds to the two exhibits (Butterfly and Gorilla). Thank you to those who have donated and those of you who are looking to donate in Sophia’s name. P1040788 P1040806 IMG_3510a