Just Me and My Sister


Imagine your dreams pushed to the very back of your mind. Then one day you have two amazing little girls that pull everything out of you and inspire you to be your very best.

Without my girls I could never have written and published my very first book.
A great friend of mine reminded me that I always wanted to write children’s books.
Having a wonderful and amazing set of daughters reminded me that I didn’t need to look very far for my inspiration.  Without Giovanna and Sophia, I could never have achieved my beautiful dream of being a writer.
My book was finally finished the week before Sophia went home to be with God. Giovanna, Sophia and I sat on Giovanna’s bed and read the first manuscript that I printed out for the first time together.  It was the first time everyone just sat and listened to a story without interruptions. Sophia would say through the book that’s me and that’s Giovanna.  She understood the story of both her and her sister.

I wasn’t due to receive the hard copy of the book for at least two weeks. One week later I laid my baby to rest. When we came home from Sophia’s funeral there was a package with my name on it. I knew right away what it was.  It was my book that wasn’t supposed to arrive for another week but yet here it was a gift to me from Sophia. She taught me to always follow my dreams, never give up and always create, inspire and be inspired.

Use this link share in our gift. Sophia and Giovanna’s story of sisterhood and shared treasured moments.



3 thoughts on “Just Me and My Sister

  1. Anonymous

    Well this is me, Aunt Lena..
    Yes i know you don’t hear from me online but i will say this you are and always will be BLESSED by your ANGELS…
    God chose you with those beautiful ‘lil’ girls to guide, to teach, and to love. You did all of that and TO THE MOON AND BACK and anyone that knows Lucinda and Gabe know that..
    You are wonderful people and phenomenal parents.

  2. Skye

    Thank you for sharing
    Our Children are our inspiration to the true light
    They teach us the truth
    Many Blessings Skye and Amie

  3. Anonymous

    Your book is a bright shining light in a world that often seems filled with darkness. Children of all ages will smile and be blessed as each page comes alive for them! God is surely speaking through you, Giovanna, and Sophia…


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