Sophia’s 4th Birthday

In each persons life there are paths. Everyone gets to choose which path he/she will take.  A path whether good or bad. Still a path to chose how they would like to live their lives. We have chosen the path of happiness. Chosen to not dwell on the negative that sometimes comes with life. There is no reason to be unhappy. There is no reason why we shouldn’t go after our dreams. Because we know how quickly life can change and all those moments can be taken from you instantly, we choose to live in the moment of life. Sophia has changed us completely!!! She has taught us to enjoy each and every moment, big and small. We are grateful to God for giving us Sophia. We are grateful to Sophia for teaching us and now protecting and watching over us.

We will always celebrate Sophia’s life. On Wednesday July 29,2015 we will challenge ourselves again and go rock climbing as a family. To choose to keep climbing up that wall together even when its hard. We will continue to push through.  We will also be releasing balloons to Sophia for her 4th birthday. Last year so many of you joined us in releasing balloons. We invite you to celebrate Sophia’s 4th birthday with us and release balloons again this year.


Thank you for your continued love, support and  prayers. This is what gets us through our toughest days. xoxo

Gabe, Lucinda and Giovanna


5 thoughts on “Sophia’s 4th Birthday

  1. Anonymous

    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO You are such a wonderful, beautiful family. I will join you in honoring and celebrating the life of your beautiful Sophia. Your outlook on life is truly inspirational and I admire your strength and love. <3

  2. Mary Lou Cavaliere

    Happy Birthday to our Sophia!! You are always in our hearts and minds and have brought us so many wonderful memories. We love you and miss you so much. XOXOXO Peapa and Abuela

  3. Poul Palushaj

    Today’s a very sad day for our family. I miss the little munchkin who loved daisys and the zoo very much. We love and miss you Sophia!!! Please watch over our familyand friends!!! We miss and love you!!!!


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