Monthly Archives: December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my little angel. May you have the most beautiful Christmas with Jesus. Like Giovanna said “you will be having some feast for Jesus birthday” you my dear are terribly missed. We will be celebrating and honoring you as we celebrate Christmas. Your stocking is filled with the three ornaments. One for each of us to open. What a beautiful tradition we started last year. What a beautiful way to include you our angel. I love you forever.

Just some thoughts

It’s been so long since I wrote down my feelings to my very special Angel. I continue to feel and smell you everywhere I go. Thank you for that. For this helps me to keep moving forward.
Thanksgiving came and went and Christmas is approaching very quickly. I sit and think of how very blessed we are to have you as our Daughter and to Giovanna a sister. We miss you something terrible. I know you are with God doing really amazing things.
Keep shining and guiding. I love you mommys girl!!!