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What a beautiful birthday

What an overwhelming, emotional,fun and challenging day we have had today. We started our day with rock climbing. Which was very symbolic of how life is. Life is hard at times but you push through together and don’t ever give up. We ordered a most amazing pig made of flowers made by Wild Orchards of Westchester to place at the Cemetary. We can’t believe just how beautiful it is. Sophia would have truly loved it. We sure did. We released balloons at home and at the Cemetary. We had a fantastic dinner at Ginos trattoria in mahopac. To end the night we had ice cream sundaes. We added “shawcolate” and it was ” delicious” We want to thank all of our family and friends. Thank you for all praying for us and celebrating Sophia’s birthday with us. We are just blown away how many people let balloons go along with us. What an incredible way to celebrate Sophia. What an incredible show of love and support I can only imagine that she is having the most amazing birthday ever in heaven. They would not have had to blow any balloons up. There were sooooo many that went right up to her. Thank you all. We love all of you and feel the love all around us. We are so very blessed. May Sophia continue to give us strength and courage and signs. I love hearing the stories about what kind of sign she has sent. It’s so comforting knowing she is still very much with us and living on in all of us. May God bless each of us.
Happy birthday Sophia Alexandra. We all love and miss you too much.

My birthday letter to you

Dear Sophia Alexandra,
This is my letter to you on your 3rd birthday. I never imagined in a million years that I would not have you here on your birthday. I know in my heart that you are here, right here with us in our hearts and bodies and souls. I wish life was different. But God has his plan for each of us. God had huge plans for you.
On your birthday we will all be celebrating you. We will celebrate the day God shared you with us when you were brought into this crazy world.
It was an afternoon I will have etched into my heart forever. You came out with your fist in front of your face. A little fighter from the start. You were so perfectly plump. I couldn’t believe how fair you were. Blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Although those eyes would change to your daddy’s color of tootsie roll brown. Just like your big sisters too. You did keep the orange star burst around your eye like me.
We couldn’t wait for you to come home. Everything was ready for you. Giovanna helped give you your first sponge bath in my bed. Afterwards both you and Giovanna fell asleep together. Life was perfect.
As time went on and you grew,you blew us away. So smart and funny and such a little scutchie. We thought we were teaching you new things when really it was you that was teaching us. Teaching us how to love and live with no regrets. Love so open heartedly. Live like it is our last day.
On your 2nd birthday we had a 3 tier cake of a cow pig and barn. It was just perfect for my little cow girl.
I hope you have the most amazing birthday in heaven. We will be missing you. But we will celebrate by releasing balloons to you so catch them all and add them to the balloons in heaven. Don’t forget to share some

Balloon release for Sophia’s birthday

In one week is Sophia’s birthday. She would have been turning 3. Just 3. Just a baby. July 29 will be a very hard day for us. But instead of sitting around feeling sad we are going to celebrate. ( well the best we can) We are going to celebrate Sophia and the magical day that God sent us this little angel. Gabe, Giovanna and I will be doing something privately as a family. We ask that you refrain from reaching out to us on Tuesday. We appreciate all the love and prayers that you continuously send. You are all amazing. We are blessed to have all of you in our lives. If you would like to celebrate along with us we are asking that you release balloons to Sophia. Take pictures and post them to Facebook. It’s a way we can all celebrate Sophia’s birthday together. Thank you for respecting our privacy and celebrating with us all at the same time. Xoxoxo

Thank you

Thanks to the Hernandez, Borrero and Peikes families for the beautiful stone in the Children’s Garden at the Mahopac library. Sophia loved playing and reading in that garden. If you are at the library stop in and read with the angels.