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Everywhere I am I can feel you. I can feel you in the warm breeze that touches my skin. I can hear you when I hear birds singing their morning songs. I can smell you when I pick a dandelion just to pick it. I can feel you when I hug and kiss Giovanna. I can hear you in my thoughts. I can smell you, like sweet lavender in the air. I miss you so so terribly. But I know you are everywhere. Everywhere in my heart and soul and mind. Just everywhere

Frozen in Time

Friends and Family

Yesterday Sophia’s Headstone was installed at Ballard Barrett Cemetery. After I received the call from Crown Memorial, I couldn’t wait to call Lucinda and have her go see it.  I was all of a sudden fill with mixed emotions but overall excited.  I desperately waited on the first images to arrive. As soon as the phone rang I gasped at the image in front of me.  There she was as close as I could get to her.

I want to thank all those that helped in creating this bit of Sophia for us and for you.

Sophia's Stone

With Sophia’s stone it would be nothing less then extraordinary. The sunflower on the stone is one of the sunflowers that we grew last summer together. That particular sunflower lasted until October before it wilted away. The butterflies on the stone are the ones that continued to visit the entire summer. Sophia was almost successful in capturing the butterfly but I intervened. The bubbles are the bubbles we blew during the summer and caught it on the camera. The pictures of Sophia was just Sophia being Sophia. She was happy and playful and lived each and every moment. With this stone we have frozen just a bit of time. Frozen Sophia’s time with us.

I can actually rest better now because of the stone. The cemetery won’t look so bare and empty, so minimal. Now the world can see what we saw everyday. An Angel right here on earth for just a little while. Now she watches over to protect and guide.

The Head Stone Guys, Crown Memorial, Ballard Barrett Cemetery