Monthly Archives: March 2014

Just a kiss

What an amazing dream. I was in an unknown room. I was sitting on a bench or chair. And Sophia came running into the room. She came running full force. Like she would ever run any other way….Her hair was up and whispy. I was confused but realized it was phia. I hugged her and kissed her. I really felt her kisses. I could feel how her lips felt. I told her I love her and she said I lub you. I kept kissing and hugging her until she said mommy. As if to say ok enough.what a great way to start my day

Do you want mud with that?!

Today Gabe and I were heading to the Cemetary. He was busting my chops on the way. I told him if he keeps it up when we get to the Cemetary Sophia will make sure he slips in the mud. We laughed all the way at the thought of him slipping in the mud. We spent some time at the Cemetary and Gabe was careful not to walk in the mud. Before we headed back to the car Gabe stepped backwards into a pile of mud. And his new sneakers were now covered in MUD. It was pretty funny. I love how Phia really pulls through!! Haha