Monthly Archives: January 2014

“The Sophia Project”

Last night was such an amazing night. Gabe and I had dinner at Northern Westchester Hospital with the Emergency Room Staff and Dr. Pete and Dr. Nick, two of the greatest pediatricians. We hadn’t seen any of the E.R. staff since the morning Sophia passed away. We were definitely nervous and anxious to see everyone again. What would we say? what would we do? How can we thank everyone for trying their hardest to save our baby that dreadful morning. We walked into a room of welcoming arms and hugs and words of comfort and peace. We walked into the people that will now forever be apart of our family. For you see, Sophia has touched more lives than we can even imagine. She has brought us all together for a greater purpose. A purpose none of us thought we would be apart of.

The Hospital has come up with a “Sophia Project.” A project that will help so many on so many different levels. They have put in place a new training for the staff for pediatric emergencies. A training that takes place more often, with their own tools and equipment, with their own staff and in their own facility. To be prepared for anything and everything that walks through the doors of Northern Westchester Hospital.

As we talked to each person last night, we all had our stories to tell. We laughed and cried and prayed together. I told them that Sophia has taught us so many things. I feel in life she was a teacher. I used to brag to Gabe that she would one day be a doctor. She would pretend that she was Dr. Pete  and Dr. Nick. She would get her play stethoscope out and we had to be the patient. Sophia would listen to our hearts, look up our noses and look in our ears. She wanted to make you feel better. In the afterlife, I feel Sophia is that doctor that I always thought she would be. With this “Sophia project” she will be there with the hospital staff to make sure they are prepared for everything. That they have practiced every single scenario and every which way to figure things out. She will be there  every step of the way to help save the lives of other children.

We are still in awe of how Sophia has changed the world in just two short years here on earth. How she has changed us as her parents, how she has changed the way a hospital does their training to be able to save lives, and how she has changed you…the person reading this blog right now. You may not have even known Sophia or maybe you were one of the lucky ones who got to meet and enjoy her lively spirit in person. But, she has changed you. We will all be connected through this tiny child that we are so very proud of. So very proud to called our Daughter. God trusted us with her and now we have put our trust and faith in him.

A Day for the Birds

This morning was definitely a morning for the birds….I was preparing to meet Gabe downstairs to work out. I got a glass of water at the sink. While I was looking out the window I saw two vibrant blue jays….I always think of my brother when I see the blue jays. But here were two…one for Sophia and one for Anthony, flying together.

As the morning went on I was sitting in the rocking chair in Sophia’s room that’s when I got another  beautiful visit from my baby. I was rocking along just thinking of how funny Sophia was. I said to myself I just wish you were here….not even two seconds later I hear bird calls out the window. I got up and opened the blind. There right there was the most beautiful fattest red cardinal sitting in the bush outside Sophia’s window. I watched that bird until it finally flew off. What a special start to my day

An unexpected year

As 2013 ends it remains still unbelievable and shocking how our year has ended. Our year started off wonderful. Two healthy and happy girls. A healthy and happy and hard working family. Doing the best we can to provide for our children for the now, for the future…never once thinking anything like this could happen…especially to us. We’d gone to parades, concerts, had birthday parties, walks, zoo and farm trips, bike rides, danced and sang around the house, ate cupcakes for lunch and has “shawcolates” for breakfast, celebrated holidays, vacations, all kinds of family activities. Whenever Gabe was home from work we did family things. Family time is the most important time. We savored every moment together. We soaked up each others love. We kissed, hugged, and said  “I lub you” over and over again.  We couldn’t of had a more amazing vacation to Myrtle Beach. It was perfect…just what we all needed. We now savor those cherished memories. We hold each other even tighter and kiss and hug and say “I still lub you”  We take Sophia’s memory and share it with the world.  Everyone in this world has a special job here…I like to think Sophia’s job was a Teacher…Because she has taught us so much about love and life and what’s really important. She is still teaching us from Heaven. I often wonder what she does up there…what’s her special job that God called her so early from us is…During these last 16 weeks we have received many signs and messages from Sophia. We take that and hold onto these signs and messages with both hands. We miss our Phia so so terribly and for this new year coming we are hoping to find some peace and comfort. I pray every day, a million times a day, for strength and courage to face each minute of every day. I know that we are not alone for we have all of you who pray for us.  But no time, no nothing could ever ever fill the gaping hole in my soul, in the very core of who I am.  These pictures that I have posted were suppose to be our Christmas card. I post these now to help all of us to remember and celebrate Sophia. And to thank you for the continued love and support and prayers. XOXOXO