Monthly Archives: December 2013

Many Thanks

Dear Friends and Family,

During this extremely tough time in our lives so many of you have reached out to us in so many ways. We have received countless donations in our Sophia’s name to the zoo, children’s cancer fund, trees, pavers, gift cards  etc… just to name a few…..thank you all for thinking of us and celebrating Sophia. It means the world to us. Love and blessings go out to all of you. You are forever in our prayers.

Special gift

Today we received mail from the Mahopac Public Library. Inside the envelope was a letter from the library stating that three wonderful families have made a donation in Sophia’s name and a paver will be placed in the children’s garden with the inscription of In Loving Memory Of Sophia Rivera. We would like to thank The Hernandez, Peikes and Borrero families. We truly love this and truly appreciate this special gift. Sophia loved the library and she loved hanging out in the children’s garden. Thank you xoxo

Just a little visit…

Every day, all day long I long for the touch and feel of my Sophia. I want to feel her lips on my lips, I want to feel her sticky little fingers on my face, I want to feel her soft mozzarella like skin next to mine, I want to feel her breathe on my cheek as she sleeps next to me.  Many mornings I would pretend that I was asleep just so that Sophia would kiss me to try to wake me up. I savored those moments and ache for them now. Yesterday Giovanna and I were laying in my bed. I fell asleep and I kept feeling Giovanna kiss my lips. Which by the way she never does that while I sleep. She also kept covering me the way Sophia did. Last night we had a girls night. She slept on my side of the bed which she doesn’t normally do and fell asleep in my arm pit while playing with my hair just the exact way Sophia always did. I guess Sophia heard me when I said that I really miss her touch and kisses because its as if she lived through Giovanna for just a little bit. Just enough to say “hey I’m still here” I love how she always lets all of us know she will never really leave us…she just here in a different kind of way. It isn’t the same and I terribly miss my baby but I will embrace all that she continues to give us, show us, love us and just be with us. Especially when we are so far down that she actually will lift us to make us smile and feel her love. And that I am most grateful for. I am most grateful for Giovanna and Sophia with out them I wouldn’t be me.

simply put

Giovanna never ceases to amaze us!!! For someone so young she is so wise beyond her years. Here she is dealing with very grown up problems with the death of her sister and yet she puts life into perspective for us. We decorated for Christmas….you can only imagine how that was…..but yet here was Giovanna keeping her sister very much alive. She wanted to hang Sophia’s stocking with ours and didn’t want to leave it in the box. which I hemmed and hawed about because I just didn’t know if I would upset anyone if I hung the stocking….And here Giovanna is and simply said “We have to hang her stocking up with the rest of ours”   I was grateful for her decision.

We are very proud of Giovanna….She wanted to buy Sophia something for Christmas…She went to her holiday boutique at school and with the help of her absolutely wonderful teacher they picked out a beautiful musical angel ornament. How wonderfully thoughtful and special. I love the way Giovanna thinks and the kind acts she does for others. She is so very selfless.

We are so very blessed that Giovanna is our Daughter. We are so very blessed that Sophia is our Daughter….We are so very blessed that God has given us the opportunity to have and love and cherish these two amazing girls.