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Meeting John Edwards

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Last week Gabe and I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting and receiving a beautiful reading from John Edwards. Sophia and my brother Anthony did a great job bringing both me and Gabe some tiny bit of comfort. I wish it wasn’t this way. I want to be able to hold my baby girl not go through a medium. I want to be able to feel her and kiss her and hold her .But, I guess I already do all of that but in just a different way now. And that reading was a reminder that yes Sophia is definitely here all the time with us. She brought up things like her ability to repeat her mother when she curses…fresh girl….the fire trucks that were present for her wake and funeral….the glittered picture frame that Gabe and I made for Dr Pete and Dr Nick….Sophia talked about so much more….Our very dear friend Ricky let us know that he too is taking care of my little Angel……My brother validated that he  was the one who came to help Sophia cross over and everyone else was waiting to greet and welcome Sophia into the most beautiful place called heaven….I am grateful to my brother that it was him who helped my baby. And I am grateful to all that are taking care of Sophia.  Although I’m pretty sure it’s not her that needs the taking care of now. She’s an Angel…She takes care of us!!!!

So like I have said many times before stop and take a look around because you never know when God will put an Angel in your path. You never know when you will receive a message from loved ones that have passed.

We received a beautiful message to continue to live and celebrate and love. As hard as all of this is for us to do everyday I guess we have to try. And know that Sophia will always be with us watching over and protecting us.

Forever loving my Mommy’s Girl

Book Signing

What an amazing day I had yesterday!!! Thank you to all of you that were able to make it to my book signing for Just Me and My Sister. It meant the world to me. The signing was fantastic. Thank you to all of you who helped put everything together to make it happen!! Especially, Marta Suarez for the amazing cupcakes with the book cover on each cupcake. And the Mahopac Volunteer Fire Department for always coming through and making things happen!!!!

I have received many requests for a signed book. If you weren’t able to make it to the signing and would still like a signed copy  please email me at

New Location for Book Signing on Saturday

Due to a miscommunication from the PTA President of the Mizzentop Day School, we had to change locations of the book signing to
Mahopac Vol. Fire Dept. Sub Station 2

I would like to thank the fire department for once again coming through and supporting us.

The signing will be open from 10am to 4pm as originally scheduled.
We hope to see you there and and apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for those of you who helped us put this together at a different location in such short notice and those of you who encouraged me to still have the event.

A very big thank you

It’s amazing how much people continue to keep us going. Some days are ok and some are just plain out shitty!! The other day my friend Jane came by the house with a beautifully put together blue basket. A basket filled with love, love and more love. In the basket came gift cards. Gift cards for fun filled days. Gift cards to bring us to places that Gabe, Giovanna and I can  play, relax and just be with each other while having a super fun time. We cant wait to watch and grow our butterflies in the spring and make the butterfly stepping stone. We want to thank my girls from work. Sue Novak, Susan Reiner, Patty Reed, Anna Maria Luppino, Lyn Tavolacci, Lina Goncalves, Angela Luppino, Linda Clark, Caulette Caracciolo, Britt Wilson, Marian Kelly, Nancy Morfea, Donna Finney, Jackie Grasso, Diane DiGrazia, Jane Hatch, Eva Klatt, Sarah Schelling.As we embark on these special days together we will think of all of you that made it possible and we know Sophia will be there to share in our special days. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As Giovanna said after we opened all the gifts in the basket…”Mommy, I think your friends knew we needed a break” So thank you for giving us a break from reality….Thank you for reminding us to embrace life and live!!!

Mahopac Library “Meet the Authors” event!

Please join me at the Mahopac Library on Saturday December 7, 2013 @ 1pm to 4pm for “Meet the Authors” event.  I am very excited to be part of this wonderful event.  I will be signing and selling copies of my book “Just Me and My Sister”.  Registration is required so please contact the information desk at the Mahopac Library @ 845 628 2009

Mahopac Library

668 Route Six
Mahopac, NY 10541