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The first of the first…

The last few years for Halloween have been just crazy weather,no power,snow storms hurricanes etc….tonight it was fairly warm and the rain held off until trick or treating was done. It was a night where children were out laughing and running house to house asking for candy. It was a night for children. A night for parents to remember that it’s ok to run in the street, to take candy from strangers,to give kids as much candy as their bellies can handle before and after dinner. A night to see their children’s faces light up just because they are in costumes. Simply things as a costumes and a bag of candy.
Tonight was the first of the first with out our Sophia. Through all the storms and crazy weather I still took my girls trick or treating. Last year as young as Sophia was she understood what to do on Halloween. She would say ” more candy”. Well we got a whole bunch of candy this year and I set aside a package of Swedish fish for her. She loved them.
We got many texts and messages of everyone telling us about tootsie roll lollipops and how much they are thinking of us. We are thinking of all of you too and how you have helped us make today a little bit easier for us. We thank you for all your love and support. And for always celebrating Phia’s life. Xoxo

Butterfly Wishes

We received another great gift yesterday delivered by Sarah, Billy, Logan and Luke from our Pound Ridge family (Sue, Susan, Patty, AnnaMarie, Britt, Marian, Lina, Nancy, Donna, Jackie, Diane, Jane and Eva). This Buddleia Buzz Magenta (Butterfly Bush), will definitely compliment our Weeping Cherry tree when we look out our front window.

Thank you from the bottom our hearts.

butterflytree2 butterflytree1


In our Family

When a child passes you expect to be surrounded by family and friends. You don’t expect to be surrounded by your children’s pediatrician’s.  You don’t expect them to fight tooth and nail for you. You don’t expect them to stand beside you at your weakest moments. You don’t expect them to feed you.  You don’t expect for them to become part of your family.

We never expected any of this from two of the most amazing pediatricians Dr. Peter Richel and Dr. Nicholas Germanakos of Westchester Health. They have taken care of both of our girls since they were born. We have always raved about how thorough, wonderful, professional and caring they are. They make you feel as if you are their only patient and priority.

With Sophia’s passing they have become that much more important to us. They have not and will not give up on Sophia or us. They are still looking for answers and trying to understand this horrific tragedy.  We are forever grateful to these doctors. For they will forever be in our hearts, in our thoughts, in out prayers and in our Family.


To Donate in Honor of Sophia Alexandra Rivera

Lucinda and I wanted to wait for the cause before we directed where we would like to donate.  We appreciate your patience and we now have that answer. We thought back on what things Sophia loved to do and we realized that going to the zoo was one of her top things.  Especially the Butterfly and Gorilla exhibits at the Bronx Zoo. She enjoyed this a lot. As a matter of fact, we visited the zoo (Gorilla exhibit) the day before her passing.  We have contacted the Bronx Zoo and they have directed us to their donation section.  They will track all the donations made in Sophia’s name and direct the funds to the two exhibits (Butterfly and Gorilla). Thank you to those who have donated and those of you who are looking to donate in Sophia’s name. P1040788 P1040806 IMG_3510a


So this morning I decided to lay down and take a nap. I’m so glad I did. I had a dream that me, Giovanna and Sophia were all playing around these “beauty full” trees and I said to Giovanna look Sophia caught a hummingbird. Sophia not only caught a hummingbird but she decided to throw it at us and run away. When I looked down there were two green frogs. Sophia was laughing and running around the trees. Her hair and dress were flowy. She was running so fast I couldn’t keep up. She disappeared into a big tunnel. It was a great dream. The moral of this story about the dream and for me sharing it is that Sophia still is as fresh in heaven as she was here on earth. And that makes me happy. She will always be my freshie bageshie.

Sophia did really good….She gave us an answer…..Now our Phia can rest….

After 3 weeks of testing and no results, Sophia final has given us an answer.  She fought really hard to show us what had really happened to her. The Medical Examiner has informed us that it was the  Roseola Virus for the cause of her passing.

Please click on “Roseolovirus” to find out more.

At first I struggled with this cause this is not a killer. But reviewing all that has happened to her over the past 3 months the picture starts to become clear.  She had something similar to the symptoms she had about 3 months earlier.  I could almost say we willed her to live longer in June by yelling at her in the ER to start drinking or else she was going to be in trouble.  Looking back she seemed to be more tired than before but she also started to do more than before. I guess she really started to live her life to the fullest from that point on.  I remember her being rougher and more sassy.  I remember her now challenging  Giovanna to run into my arms first. Her hugs were tighter.  Lu would have to call me at times to calm her down over the phone. For some weird reason it would work. I was the authority from the phone!

On vacation in Myrtle we all just clicked.  It felt like we have always been there together and this was the way of life.  My family was happy, complete and one.

Well I believe that the first time weakened her and she knew it.  The second time was unrecoverable.

A “beauty full” gift

IMG_3439Today we had a beautiful gift given to us by Rochelle Zolotas, Dana Keith, Dara Getler, Carmela Citro, Beth Kolb, Allison Delesia, Allyson Mahoney, Jaime Lowery, Susanne Cusato and Jill Bresnick.

A weeping cherry tree that was planted by Adam Zolotas and Chris Deets, in memory of Sophia.  It should grow to be about 10′ tall and in the spring time rose-pink flowers will bloom.

We are honored to have such great friends in our lives.

We love you all.

The not so fun club

Today I met with an amazing Mom whose son lost his battle to cancer. We didn’t know each other at all. I have heard of her from our community. Because in a community whether you personally know someone or not you are all connected. You all share when someone is happy and when someone is hurting. You all stand with each other at the most difficult times in your lives. You give support and love and prayers. I prayed for her and her family during their very difficult journey. I will always continue to pray for them. For they will always have a dear spot in our hearts. Today we sat drinking coffee and tea and shared stories of our babies. Shared words of comfort and tears and shared in the not so fun club. I am blessed that God has given the two of us to each other. For we will find comfort and learn how to breathe with each passing minute.