Monthly Archives: September 2013

Just a quick hello

What a “beauty full” display of nature outside my house. A family of blue jays,colorful leaves falling, a bunch of stink bugs on Sophia’s windows,the sun is shining ….. I can only think that my sweet Phia stopped by to say hi!!!!

Dispelling the rumors on the cause

There are some rumors that are going around about what caused Sophia to leave us and I want to give you the facts.

We just do not know as of right now!

She has been tested for spinal meningitis and that has come back negative. Her white cell count was normal. There were no obvious signs of trama.

All we know is that she had a similar episode a few months earlier.
Please if you hear anyone quoting a specific reason as to why Sophia passed, I would ask that you do 2 things.

1 – Get there name and number and have them call me ASAP so that I can get the reason. or
2 – Educate them and direct them to this web sight so that when we do find out, they will know to.

Looking back She was a big Girl

We look back at pictures of her and now see how much of a big girl she was.  ” I’m no lucky charm, I’m a big girl “, is was she said to Lu one day and you know she really was.  If it was insisting she turn on the lights, or walk down the steps a certain way. How she wanted to be the first to great me at the door and snuggle into my chest like a wiggly worm after I picked her up. It was on HER TERMS!