Sophia’s 4th Birthday

In each persons life there are paths. Everyone gets to choose which path he/she will take.  A path whether good or bad. Still a path to chose how they would like to live their lives. We have chosen the path of happiness. Chosen to not dwell on the negative that sometimes comes with life. There is no reason to be unhappy. There is no reason why we shouldn’t go after our dreams. Because we know how quickly life can change and all those moments can be taken from you instantly, we choose to live in the moment of life. Sophia has changed us completely!!! She has taught us to enjoy each and every moment, big and small. We are grateful to God for giving us Sophia. We are grateful to Sophia for teaching us and now protecting and watching over us.

We will always celebrate Sophia’s life. On Wednesday July 29,2015 we will challenge ourselves again and go rock climbing as a family. To choose to keep climbing up that wall together even when its hard. We will continue to push through.  We will also be releasing balloons to Sophia for her 4th birthday. Last year so many of you joined us in releasing balloons. We invite you to celebrate Sophia’s 4th birthday with us and release balloons again this year.


Thank you for your continued love, support and  prayers. This is what gets us through our toughest days. xoxo

Gabe, Lucinda and Giovanna


Hanging out at the zoo

What a beautiful day to spend at your favorite place….the zoo!!! The children’s zoo was fixed up and a very special visit by your favorite pig….Peppa!!!!  You would have loved visiting with Peppa!!  After we left the children’s zoo we had lunch. While cleaning up from lunch Giovanna said “mom that little girls name is Sophia ” it was comforting to me. Thanks for letting us know thank you are always with us and that you don’t miss anything that we do.  We love you too much.  


Thank you for your support

Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for. We walk in memory of our sweet and sassy Sophia Alexandra. May you feel her spirit as you run and walk through the zoo. Her most favorite place to be. Raising money for her most favorite animal…the gorillas…we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and loving us. Thank you all for your very generous donations. We love you all just as much. We have close to 150 walkers/ runners which includes our vitural runners who weren’t able to make it to the zoo but will still walk with Team Sophia. We feel so very blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you again

Please post pictures on Facebook or email or text them to us as you walk through the zoo. We will post them to our blog and share them with the world.  Share a piece of Sophia. Share a piece of how she has touched each and everyone of us. And how she has changed and continue to change us and the world. 


Gabriel,Lucinda and Giovanna 



Gifts from God

Sometimes in my quiet moments I receive messages from Sophia that don’t seem to make sense at the time or I think they mean one thing and it turns out to be something a little different.  Well a few months ago I kept hearing “gift from god” I knew it could only mean one thing. That of course Sophia was a Gift from God. That couldn’t be any more truer. A gift to teach us so many lessons in just a few short years. Lessons that even those that never met her will take with them for the rest of their lives. Lessons we will all pass along to others. 

Well tonight Giovanna and I were watching a movie where they were talking about the meaning of their names. This of course peaked her interest about our names.  We looked up Sophia and it said it was a biblical name which means wisdom. How intersting.  We looked up Giovanna which is an italian name which means gift from God. Those same exact words that I heard in my quiet moments from Sophia. It reminded me that my girls are amazing gifts from God. I  am so grateful for these two beautiful gifts that God could have ever given me. I am grateful for the lessons both my girls teach me.  I am grateful for God choosing me as their mom. 

Enjoy and treasure each moment with your families and friends.  Enjoy the little as well as the big moments. Enjoy those amazing gifts from God. 

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to our little bunny. Easter definately isn’t the same with out you.  But my goodness you let us know you are right here with us. Your chair has been going off since 1am. Which btw needs new batteries. I was looking through my pocketbook for my lipgloss and I found a hair clip that you wore on your last Easter with us. Thank you for that little present. I am wearing it with much joy today. Giovanna was so excited when she found her penny from heaven this morning. We love you so. Enjoy this most beautiful Easter.  We know that you will be right here celebrating with us. Love you love you


Missing my little llama 

What a beautiful surprise visit I got today from my little stinker.  At work today during nap time, one of the children informed me that there was a stink bug in our room. I asked her where is was and when I looked I was amazed.  It was on the llama llama misses mama book. What a great feeling just knowing Sophia came to visit me at work for my birthday. I miss my little llama too much. Xo

Wonderful friends

“A moment in our arms and a lifetime in our hearts” couldn’t be a more true statement. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends that bring smiles to our faces and tears of joy to our eyes. Thank you John and Michele.


The love for others

One year ago today,The Sophia Project was put into affect at Northern Westchester Hospital.
One year ago today, my dear friends Tommy and Dana lost their sweet baby Tommy.
I know Sophia was there to welcome Tommy. To help his parents. To bring two families together that were once strangers now bound together by the unimaginable tragic events that life sometimes brings us.
I know Tommy and Sophia will be dancing under the lights that will light the night sky tonight.
Our prayers are always with the Vasile Family


Hugs and kisses

Thank you Sophia for being there for Sledgie today. I know you were right there ready to help him. Thank you for calming him down at the doctors. I know he is going to be happy to play with you again. Give him lots and lots of hugs and kisses from us. He has a whole bunch of hugs and kisses to give you from us. I love you baby girl. Take care of Sledgie for us!!! Xoxoxoox
Ps Giovanna doesn’t want you to run him over too much with the carriage


Hello my little stinker. I love how you send us the most beautiful signs all day everyday. Especially when they come in the form of stink bugs. We love and miss you everyday all day. Keep sending us signs. Love you forever